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Travel for Free

Travel at no cost? Is it possible to travel for free in India? Yes, it’s possible to travel for free in India.

Some travel during holidays, some over the weekends. Others take an additionalday without work and some like me quit their jobs to travel. There are still many that long for adventure but don’t set their foot out, because they’re told travelling is an upscale affair.

But Travelling In India For Free Is Not Easy For Anyone.You Might Have To Face A Lot Of Problems While Travelling Or Staying.So Prepare Yourself For Everything Mentaliy As Well As Physically.

Travel for Free

This post is for those that think they can’t travel with less money.Yes, it’s possible to travel at no cost (or almost free) in India. But before you moveand skim, be prepared to be as rough and hard as possible. once you don’t have money, you’ve gotto possessa powerful willpower and inner motivation.

How to Travel for Free – Travel Tips for 2020

Your traveling expense can roughly be divided into 3 parts: Transportation, Accommodation, Food / Water.

Transportation For Travel –

Hitchhiking: There are those that have crossed the continents just by hitchhiking. it’s true that it really tests your patience, but it’s its own fun. Usually, only 5-10 percent of individuals may conform toprovide you with a lift. this suggestsyou’ve got to stick-out your hand for about 10-20 vehicles. you’re travelling for free; this is oftenthe smallest amountyou’ll be able to do, can’t you? I hitchhiked a car, a bike, a scooter, and a motortruckduring a single day in Ladakh.

But believe me, once you do, it’s visiting be the simplest ride ever and definitely an experience much better than that of travelling within the train. 

There’s no secret to hitchhiking. Follow your guts and be shameless. If you’re lucky like me, you’ll also get a ride in a very C-Class Mercedes Benz. you’ll make friends with truckers and learn more about their lives. Hitchhiking is that the most preferred variety of commuting for budget-minded travellers throughout the globe.

Indian trains: If you’re in India, you’re blessed to possess the world’s most intricate and largest railroad line which is as cheap as travelling at Very Less cost or Free You Can Say.

Of course, i’m talking about the unreserved general coaches here. don’t worry about the gang in these coaches; rather use this crowd to motivate you to travel in additional such suffocating environment.

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Accommodation For Stay –

You have gotto know the ability of relationships. you wish to be extremely sociable, moderately funny, definitely kind, and awfully shameless. you would like to possess no ego, prejudices, strong opinions or radical thoughts. you wish to start out rebuke all of your relatives, your long-forgotten friends, those that you extremely dislike, and other people who don’t have any morals and values but are often your valuable resources.

  • Most of the Indians are unaware of the fact that they can stay for free India in many Ashrams, Gurudwara, temples and Dharamshala (a religious rest-house for travellers).
  • If you have a good profile on Couchsurfing, you can stay for free in many cities of India. Stay with Locals and Make Travel Friends
  • Home of a friend or a relative.
  • If you are travelling in a village and not-so-touristy place, you can ask a villager to let you spend the night in his home. There is a high chance that he will let you stay.
  • If you have a tent, you can camp in the wild. I stayed in a tent.


Water: If you had planned to travel 30 years ago, water would be free everywhere. But alas, you’re living in a very time when humans have commercialised such a basic resource that sustains life. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to still save your money on water. Keep a bottle with you, fill it from the dhabas where you eat your food and from the taps you see occasionally on the road side. the items to recollect is to hold a bottle and keep your eyes open. There’s still ample free water available everywhere. If you’re trekking through villages, play the homes and provoke water.

Food: In India, you’ll find plenty of local food stalls that serve food at an inexpensive price. don’t forget that India is home to a lot of poor people and that they all survive on but Rs 100 every day.Eat at temples, gurudwaras (Sikh temples) and ashrams.

Carry some handmade snacks with you. Whenever I travel for quite 10-12 days, I carry around 2 kg of handmade snacks. It really helps within the absence of hygienic food or when the food is exorbitantly priced. 

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After we have less money, we are going to need people quite the rest. we are going to learn one thing about different people: that they’re all the identical. we want to define ourselves by who we are instead of by what we’ve. You learn all this while travelling on an occasional budget. It changes us in ways beyond description.

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