What Is The Secret Trip ?

Do you spend days planning where to travel next? Always stuck in planning? Or, are the long weekends well spent?  Be adventurous, be spontaneous, be free & explore the unknown.  Join our travel community & wander to secret places with us

Step 1 : Register for The Secret Trip Whenever It Will Be Available. 

Step 2: You Will Receive An Email A Week Before Our Trip  With Complete  Information Like Things To Pack And Pickup Info etc.. 

Step 3: Just Make On Time, Dont Be Late Plissss… 

-Remember,Never Ask Where We Are Going…Never

We travel with no itineraries, no bookings, and have no reservations.

We travel with no plans. It is a budget trip, and we try to minimize expenses at each step. We take lifts, travel in local buses, stay and eat with the locals.

We do not collect any budget amounts like other travel companies. Your money stays with you, for you to spend.

We divide the expenses per head at each step, and together as a group try to minimize the total expenses.

It is a budget trip. We travel in local buses, stay and eat with the locals.

Approximate budget of usual Himachal Trips of 3-4 days on an average is Rs. 3500- 4500.

We choose our own travellers.

Alcohol, drugs, substance abuse is banned on our trips. We aim to create a safe and happy space for all. It is important for us to travel with travellers of our vibe.

There is an application form for each trip, and we screen our travellers on the basis of the form entries.

Underground Travelling Trip is organized Frequently. Click the button below to apply for the next trip.We Will Contact You.


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