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adventure sports

Adventure sports discuss performing activities that have a particular amount of thrill and danger involved. Skiing, mountaineering, bungee jumping have garnered a large number of followers and are practiced all across the world. One of the simplest things about our country is its extensive kind of geological conditions and climates. From the humid deserts of Rajasthan to the chilly Himalayan mountains to the pristine lagoons of Kerala.
Here is the  list of places to visit in India for adventure sports

Best Adventure Activities to do in India

Rishikesh (Water Rafting)

A Detailed Guide to River Rafting in Rishikesh: Tour My India

The ancient town of Rishikesh is ideal for practicing foam rafting. referred to as the Gate to the Himalayas, the town is healthier called a famous pilgrim spot and for its various yoga and spiritual centers. There are various rafting camps across the towns that supply training and rafting facilities.

Lakshadweep Islands(Water Rafting)

Best Water Sports in Lakshadweep (Updated 2020) - Mysterioustrip

If you’re a marine life enthusiast, Lakshadweep is the right place to spend your next adventure vacation. We guarantee that it’ll be an adventure to recollect.

Andamans (Scuba Diving)

adventure sports

Like trekking, bungee jumping, scuba diving, rafting, parasailing, wind rafting of the most loved adventure sports for those adrenaline junkies. India, being surrounded on three sides by water sure has some amazing scuba diving spots, ranging from popular to some not-so-popular-yet-unexplored, with the ability to make anyone fall in love with them.The islands are famous for the amazing views of the coral reefs.

Netrani, Karnataka(Scuba Diving)

adventure sports

If you’re hesitant to travel far and wish to stay your skin-dive action closer to the mainland, Netrani in Karnataka may be an excellent spot for a few underwater fun. Not only are the waters pristine, but they’re also are variety of certified world-class diving schools that hire out quality equipment for safe adventuring.

Lakshadweep Islands(Scuba Diving)

Go Scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing at Grande Island in Goa.

For people who want to savor the Scuba-diving experience and like to try and do it while staying aloof from the crowds, it doesn’t get any better than the Lakshadweep Islands.

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Mysore (Skydiving)

Time For Some Adrenaline Rush WIth Skydiving In Mysore | Budget ...

Skydiving isn’t an awfully popular sport in India thanks to the conservative mentality of the people and also the amount of risk involved. Mysore, located within the Indian state of Karnataka is legendary for being a historical town with various monuments and forts and also for offering thrill-seekers an opportunity to experience skydiving, accelerated free-falls, and tandem jumps.

Stok Kangri, Ladakh( paragliding)

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh | Travel Guide To Leh Ladakh

Stok Kangri trek in Ladakh is taken into account to be one in every of the foremost demanding treks in India. However, once you’re up there, you’ll enliven yourself by paragliding over the valleys and basking within the breath-taking views.

Bir, Himachal Pradesh( paragliding)

5 Terrific Paragliding Destinations In India For The Adventure ...

Other than being a well-liked resort area, Himachal Pradesh is fast becoming famous among adventure lovers. Paragliding in Bir gives gliders an exhilarating experience, and it’s no surprise that its thought to be the simplest site for paragliding in India and therefore the competitor within the world.

Kamshet, Maharashtra( paragliding)

Things to do in Kamshet | Times of India Travel

Kamshet, a little town located off old Mumbai, is legendary for 2 things: The OSHO Ashram and paragliding. The reliable weather makes it one among the foremost wanted and popular destination for paragliding.

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Singalila Ridge(mountain biking)

Mountain Biking From Ghum To Siliguri

It is a well-liked destination for mountain biking and has one in every of the world’s most stunning bike treks. Over the years, Singalila has become a favorite destination for adventure enthusiasts.

Trails of Sikkim(mountain biking)

Mountain Biking in Nepal

If you’ retrying to find excitement and challenging climbs, take your cycle and head to Sikkim. Popularly referred to as the Himalayan Shangri La, Sikkim trails are popular among mountain bikers for his or her scenic beauty.

Auli (Skiing)

Auli Skiing Course (Basic) 2020, Uttarakhand

Located within the State of Uttrakhand, within the northern part of India, Auli is one of the key skiing destinations within the Himalayas.  the simplest time to go to the place is between December and March.

Gulmarg (Ice Climbing)

Top 7 Best Adventure Sports Destinations in India – Traveleering

Located within the Baramula district of Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg could be a popular hill station in India. The town is found amidst the Himalayas, at an elevation of two,690 meters above water level.

Rishikesh (Bungee Jumping)

Jumpin Heights Rishikesh - Bungee Jumping By Jumping Heights

The Holy town of Rishikesh is additionally well-known for the assorted adventure sports it offers. Travelers here can take an opportunity on bungee jumping, megabat, and giant swings.

Pushkar (Hot Air Ballooning)

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Pushkar - Things to Do in Pushkar

Pushkar is understood because the holiest of all the pilgrim spots in India and is additionally home to the illustrious Pushkar Camel Fair that pulls an enormous number of holidaymakers from across the country and abroad.

Ladakh (Trekking)

Trekking in Ladakh: Chadar Trek |

Trekking in Ladakh is every hiker’s dream! Walking past the desert mountains into the narrow passes, over the very best roads, Ladakh trekking experience is arguably the most effective within the country, if not within the world. Truly a paradox of nature, this landscape of extremes includes a myriad of gorgeous elements of nature– from the desert to blue waters, burning sun to freezing winds, and from glaciers to sand dunes.

Kunlun Mountain ranges that surround the region have given Laddakh a number of the foremost amazing trekking hotspots. Best adventure sports in the world.

Shepherd’s Trail(Trekking)

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek - Shepherd Trekking Tour Himachal

The Shepherd’s Trail could also be a small amount strenuous, but the scenic overlook makes it well worth your effort. Some parts of this trail are accessible for under four-five months within the year, so plan your trek accordingly.

Zanskar, Jammu & Kashmir(Trekking)

adventure sports

If you’retrying to find a trek which will test your limits, head to the Kargil district in Jammu and Kashmir for the Zanskar trek. Only a few things within the world can match the sense of accomplishment one feels after conquering this trail.

Baga, Goa(jet-skiing)

Jetski in Goa | Jetski | Amazing and Exciting Deals

Look within the right places and Goa is quite just churches, partying, and affordable alcohol! Look closely and you’ll find a budding water sports culture. Go jet-skiing, scuba-diving, or surfing, the beaches of Goa have plenty to supply.

Kasauli (Hang Gliding)

adventure sports

Flying has always intrigued humans, and this fascination is neverending! Thanks to an array of aero-sports like paragliding, skydiving, parachuting and ballooning, the dream to fly is true to an extent. 

Just like these aerial activities, Hang gliding is yet another growing aero-sport in various top destinations in India. Quite similar to paragliding, hang-gliding comes with a kite-like structure, where a person hangs and launches to soar. 

The town of Kasauli is found within the State of Himachal Pradesh, at a height of 1,927 meters above water level. Although the region isn’t densely populated, it’sone among the key tourist attractions in India. It offers a number of the most effective sail planing spots within the country.

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