Letsghumofiro was founded by 4 Travellers Who Wants To Travel Everywhere But In A Budget, in Feb 2020, With The Aim To Introduce Travellers To A New Concept; One That Combines Budget Travelling With Exploring The Unexplored.

We Purposed Different And New Concept Of Travelling In Which We Try To Fit Best Possible Things In Budget..

First We Introduce The Secret Trip –

In Which ,With virtually no idea about how people would react to the idea of travelling without knowing a single detail about their trip, place of stay, mode of travel, itinerary, in the words of one of our travellers, being “kidnapped with consent “.

Letsghumofiro’s vision is to help each traveller get a taste of how to make the best use of the limited resources, find happiness in small moments of joy, look for solutions to your problems, trust your gut feeling and intuition, to go with the flow, to travel without plans, without itineraries, and in the process become limitless.

We travel in local state buses, hitchhike, eat at local food joints, and stay in the homes of locals with their family. We eat with them, play with the kids, become a part of the environment and the culture there.

Secondly We Want To Offer Some Budget Bike Trip –

We Believe That Four Wheels Move Your Body ,But Two Wheels Move Your Soul.While Riding Bike In Mountains You Will Feel The Real Thrilling Adventure Experince.

But We Think Bike Trips Are Costly Somewhere But Wait, Here We Are ,We Always Travel On Bike So That We Know How To Manage Best Experience In Your Budget.

And The Third Concept Is Trip Of 1 Day In 1k

Take out just 1 day for an outstation trip and travel in just Rs. 1000.

Solving the 3 problems:

  1. Not getting permission from home
  2. Not enough money/savings to travel
  3. Not enough time/days in hand to travel.

Letsghumofiro is not just about travelling.

It is a way of life. It does not start and end with a trip; rather it’ll stay with you forever. It is a feeling, an endless emotion. It is about being kind, and being humble. It is about relationships, friendships and bonds, about jokes, memories and smiles. It is not about travelling, it is about the journey, one that starts with You and I and ends with ours.

Letsghumofiro is not a travel company, it is a community of people who wish to experience the true essence of travelling.

This Is The Way Of The Four Enginner Travellers Dream Who Just Want To Fullfill The Dream Of Budget Bike Travellers . Because There Is Only One Life We Have And Travelling Make It Something Extra-OrdinaryW

The Fantastic


The Team Which Making It Possible With The Help Of Their Efforts.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves.

IMG_20180428_131037 - Copy

Lokesh Raj


He Is The One Who Loves Roaming On Roads And conquering The Mountains.And Also The Mind Behind Those Trip Ideas & Budget Trip Planning.You Gonna Like The Conversation With Him. 🙂

IMG_20190729_105417 - Copy

Rohit Kumar


This guy is the fun element of the group. He always finds out the lowest budget possible and he also happens to be the content writer. His conversation skills will drive you crazy.

IMG_20190729_123845 - Copy

Satish Kumar

Trip PLANNER/Manager

Here Comes Our Trip Planner.This Guy Is Best In His Work.You Will Never Gonna Bored With His Conversation And Also Can Handle Any Situation Lightly.Bascially He Is Our Bharama-Astar.

00100sPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200121141116005_COVER - Copy



Now Comes The Man On Which We Can Count Anytime.He Is The Handler Of The Most Of The Hectic Work And Can Do Arrangements In No Time.He Looks Serious Kind Of But He Is Not.



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