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Spiti valley or “the middle land” is the land between India and Tibet. It is not a place rather it is an experience in itself. Situated in Himachal Pradesh, India this place is surrounded by mountains and remains cut off for most part of the year due to heavy snowfall. Together with Lahaul valley it forms Lahaul-Spiti district.

Best time to visit spiti valley

April to June- This is the best time of the year to visit Spiti Valley. The snow has melted away and summer is just around the corner. You’ll meet lots of travellers and bikers around this time.

July to August- While it doesn’t rain in Spiti Valley, it’s the monsoon season in Himachal Pradesh due to which there will be frequent landslides and chances of flood in nearby places. It’s best to avoid travelling during this season.

September to October- September is a good time to visit Spiti Valley. There’s no rain or snow and lesser number of people as compared to the summer season. Keep in mind though that it may start snowing anytime in October in Spiti.

The road between Manali and Kaza closes when it snows so you’ll have to travel via Shimla. The road between Shimla and Kaza is always open.

November-March- These are the winter months in Spiti Valley. There will be lots of snow, the road from Manali to Kaza will be closed and there will be very few people in sight. If you’re one who enjoys a challenge, you can travel to Spiti valley during this time.

Estimated budget for 10 day Spiti Valley Bike Trip – 12,000- 15,000 INR

A Biker’s Ride Itinerary From Delhi To Spiti Valley

Note- There Are Many Itinerary Available On The Internet But We Tried To Create The Best And Which Can Cover Most Of The Places In Spiti Valley.


We Can Design Special Itinerary For You According To Your Need –


Spiti Valley Map


There Can Be Different Itinerary For Everyone Who Have More/Less Days In Hands.So We Tried To Conclude Every Possible No.Of Days –

Spiti Valley Itinerary 1 (10 Days) –

  • 1st Day – Delhi to Shimla / Narkanda
  • 2nd Day –Narkanda – Rampur – Sangla – Chitkul
  • 3rd Day – Chitkul -Reckong Peo – Kalpa
  • 4th Day – Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Geyu Mummy – Tabo
  • 5th Day – Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Pin Valley
  • 6th Day –Pin Valley- Kaza – Hikkim – Komic – Langza – Kaza
  • 7th Day –Kaza – do Ki/Key – Kibber -Chicham Bridge -Losar
  • 8th Day – Losar– Kunzum Pass – Chandratal
  • 9th Day – Chandratal to Manali
  • 10th Day – Manali to Delhi.

Spiti Valley 10 Day Itinerary Map –

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Spiti Valley Itinerary 2 (9 Days) –

  • 1st Day – Delhi to Shimla / Narkanda
  • 2nd Day –Narkanda – Rampur – Reckong Peo – Kalpa
  • 3rd Day – Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Geyu Mummy – Tabo
  • 4th Day – Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Pin Valley
  • 5th Day – Pin Valley – Kaza – Hikkim – Komic – Langza – Kaza
  • 6th Day –Kaza – do Ki/Key – Kibber -Chicham Bridge -Losar
  • 7th Day – Kaza – Kunzum Pass – Chandratal
  • 8th Day – Chandratal to Manali
  • 9th Day – Manali to Delhi.

Spiti Valley 9 Day Itinerary Map –

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Spiti Valley Itinerary 3 (8 Days) –

  • 1st Day – Delhi to Shimla / Narkanda
  • 2nd Day –Narkanda – Rampur – Reckong Peo – Kalpa
  • 3rd Day – Kalpa – Nako – Nako Lake – Geyu Mummy – Tabo
  • 4th Day – Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake -Kaza
  • 5th Day – Kaza – Hikkim – Komic – Langza – Kaza
  • 6th Day –Kaza – Key -Chicham Bridge – Kunzum Pass – Chandratal
  • 7th Day – Chandratal – Rohtang Pass -Manali
  • 8th Day – Manali to Delhi.

Spiti Valley 8 Day Itinerary Map –

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1st Day – Delhi to Shimla / Narkanda

Nothing much to really write about this except for a long day of journey. Start early from Delhi, take NH1 towards Chandigarh. Just before Chandigarh, take the Himalayan Expressway towards Shimla. Once at Shimla, you can either chose to stay here or if you still have some time left, continue towards Narkanda.

How the pecking order of India's top highway builders changed in ...

If you are staying at Shimla, then you can talk a walk through the market, mall road, Ridge etc. Narkanda is just a small village but with tons of scenic beauty.

If you have time, you can also break this journey in two parts. Reach Shimla on Day 1 and go to Narkanda on Day 2. Hatu Peak in Narkanda is well worth a visit. It is the highest peak in the region and a steep climb of about 10 kilometers. There is a narrow road that goes all the way to the top that you can take your car or motorcycle on.

About 8-9 hours’ drive until Shimla and 10-11 hours for Narkanda. Both Narkanda and Shimla have several hotels and finding one for about Rs. 600 – 700 should be easy. Road conditions are mostly good all the way till Narkanda.

2nd Day – Shimla / Narkanda to Chitkul

Start early if you stayed at Shimla. If you stayed at Narkanda on Day 1, you have plenty of time to reach Sarahan which is about 6 hours from Narkanda. Visit Hatu Peak early in the morning and return to Narkanda. Have breakfast, check out of your hotel and be on your way towards Sarahan.

Places to Visit in Shimla in 2 Days (Shimla 2 Days Trip) – Swan Tours

A little after Narkanda you will get your first view of Sutlej river which you will be traveling right next to for rest of the day. Continue towards Rampur where you may have your lunch as well. Have lunch at Sangla and from there it is another couple of hours drive to Chitkul which is the last village on this road.

Chitkul is a beautiful small village located right next to Baspa river. There is also an ATM at Sangla if you need to withdraw cash. Some people prefer chose to stay at Sangla but I would recommend going all the way to Chitkul.

You can also break this journey in 2 days if you have enough time. Reach Sangla from Sarahan and then go to Chitkul the next day.

Both Sangla and Chitkul have several hotels and you will be able to find one for price between Rs.700 – Rs.100.

Road will start to deteriorate after Jeori and you should prepare yourself for traveling on bad roads from here on. Karchham to Chitkul is mostly an untarred dirt trail all the way.

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3rd Day – Chitkul To Kalpa

From Chitkul, come all the way back to the highway at Karchham and from there continue towards Powari. At Powari, leave the highway once again and turn on the road going uphill towards Reckong Peo. From Peo, keep going further up until you reach Kalpa.

Chitkul in 2020 - How to Plan your Trip and Explore? - Vargis Khan

Reckong Peo is an Army base and foreign nationals have to obtain a pass here to continue further towards Spiti. Kalpa is a small town famous for its apple orchards. Primary attraction of Kalpa is that it presents a magnificent view of Kinner Kailash.

Public smoking is banned in Kapla so do not lit a cigarette out in public. You should also buy your smokes from somewhere on the way as you may not find any cigarettes here on sale.

Chitkul - An AMAZING Travel Guide to this Offbeat Place in Kinnaur

Road will continue to be bad mostly. A total of 4-5 hours journey. You may have to do a bit of hotel hunting but will easily find a hotel within budget, price ranging between Rs. 700 – Rs. 1000

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4th Day – Kalpa To Tabo

Reckong Peo has the last petrol pump until Kaza so ensure that you tank up here. Once again, do a bit of backtracking and drive all the way to Powari. Continue on NH1 towards Pooh where you will need to register yourself at the check post.

After Pooh, road conditions will improve and will remain so all the way till Nako. You will also cross Kazigs on your way, numerous hair-pin bends just like the gata loops of Ladakh.

Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh - Wikipedia
Nako Village

There Will Be Nako Lake In Nako And A few kilometers before Tabo, you will come across a cemented gate on your right and road heading towards Gue village. This site is famous for a 650 year old Mummy located here and is worth a visit. From the gate, it is an 8 kms drive to the village.Then Go Towards The Tabo ,There are couple of hotels at Tabo and also a PWD guest house right next to Nako Lake. Expect the price to be around Rs. 1000 here.

Road conditions until Pooh will be bad but after that it is a good tarred road. Total of 6-7 hours of journey for the day.

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5th Day : Tabo To Pin Valley

From Tabo Road conditions will mostly remain good with a few bad patches here and there.

Primary attraction at Tabo is the Tabo Monastery which is said to be over a thousand years old. In case you want to stay at Tabo for the night, there are a few hotels here, of which the Banjara Camps retreat is the most luxurious. There are other hotels and hostels like Tashi Gangsar, Menthok Dumra at Tabo, including the monastery’s own guest houses.

Around Kaza & Back Home | Spiti Valley Trip Photo Tale - Devil On ...

Next after Tabo will be the small village of Dhankar, which is famous for its two (old and new) monasteries. There is also a lake near Dhankar, known as Dhankar Lake. You will have to trek on foot for a few kilometers to reach the lake. Dhankar does not have any hotels, nearest accommodation available is either at Kaza or Tabo.

Nako Lake - Kinnaur: Get the Detail of Nako Lake on Times of India ...
Dhankar Lake

After Dhankar, Leave For The Pin Valley. There Will Be A Right Turn Towards A Bridge Before kaza.That Leads You Towards Sangam And Mud Village In Pin Valley. There Are Some Guest House Available In Sangam And Mud.

6th Day : Pin Valley- Kaza – Hikkim – Komic – Langza – Kaza

In The Next Morning Enjoy The Sun Rise And Get Ready For Ride Towards Kaza.This Day Will Be Some Hectic,Because You Have To Travel A Lot From Pin Valley To Kaza Which The The Main Spot In Spiti Valley For Any Thing You Need.


You Can Fill Up You Petrol Tank Because Here Because Here Is The One And Only Petrol Station Before Manali And Also World’s Highest Petrol Pump.

Start early the next day from Kaza to visit the nearby villages of Hikkim,Kaumik and Langza. Leave your luggage at the hotel and you will be returning to Kaza by evening unless you plan to stay at either of these small villages.

Langza (Kaza) - 2020 What to Know Before You Go (with Photos ...
Buddha Statue In Langza

First We Have To Start With Langza .Langza is at an altitude of 14,500 ft above sea level. This village has very less population and is famous for the vibrant Buddha statue in the middle of the village. It is also known as the fossil village of Spiti. Few marine fossils are found here. The local small children sells them to earn money. You might have seen some amazing night milky way landscape from this very point.

Komic : World’s Highest Village Connected With Motrable Road

From Lanza Komic. Komic is believed to be the highest village which is connected by a motorable road. It is at an altitude of 15,027 ft above sea level. This place has a very old monastery with lovely wall paintings in it (can’t share the images because camera was not allowed). Also there’s a restaurant which claims to be the world’s highest restaurant. Everything here claims to be world’s highest, hahahaha!!

Hikkim : World’s Highest Post Office

Then comes the very famous Hikkim. Hikkim is famous for the world’s highest Post Office. People who visits Hikkim has a dream to post letters to their dear and near ones from their. Hikkim is at an altitude of 14,400 ft above sea level. People here are very friendly. Few cafes are there which are run by local people. The post looks like this.

After Seeing All This Beautiful Landscapes And Visiting World’s Highest Places You Should Go Back To Kaza And Take Some Sleep.

7 th Day : Kaza – do Ki/Key – Kibber -Chicham Bridge -Losar

Now After All These Good Days It’s Time To Leave Kaza . One Last Time Visit The World’s Highest Petrol Pump And Fuel Up Your Bikes .After Fuel Up Start Riding Toward Key. Key Monastery is about 14 km away from Kaza at an altitude of 4116 Meters in Himachal Pradesh. When you drive towards Losar from Kaza, there comes a bridge from where the straight road leads to Ki – Kibber and the left go towards Rangrik and further towards Losar across that bridge.

Key Monastry

Key Gompa is the oldest and the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley. It is built atop a hill and portrays a combination of a monastery and a fort. The monastery has some wonderful scriptures and paintings of Lord Buddha and other gods. The Key Gompa is also famous for its priceless collection of ancient thangkas, including Tibetan silk thangkas up to 800 years old and frescoes depicting the life of Padmasambhava.

There is a Key village or Ki village that comes just before the Key monastery. There is a guest house at Key monastery as well where you can stay for the day. The views from this vantage point are just breathtaking from where you can also view Rangrik Village across the Spiti River. If you have seen Bollywood movie Highway, then there are many scenes shot here only 😉

Kibber Village

About 9-10 km from Key Monastery ahead and at an altitude of 4205 Meters, there lies another beautiful village named Kibber. Kibber claims itself as the highest inhabited village in the world. However, there is another village about 7 km east of Kibber by the name Gette at an altitude of 4270 Mtrs, Tashigang at around 4500 Mtrs, and then there is Komic, which is further higher.

Chicham Bridge

As Chicham village is situated on the opposite slope of the mountain, across the Parilungbo Canyon. Previously it used to take 2-3 hours to reach Chicham village from Kibber. But 10 years ago the local people built a ropeway which has never collapsed. It’s a manual self-operated ropeway where you have to pull the rope on your own to reach the other side. Imagine something going wrong and nobody to help you around while one is still dangling 1100 meters high up in the sky above the gorge. The container on the pulley of the ropeway was being used to transport basically everything.

After Exploring Those Places You Can Get Get Back To Kaza Or Can Go To Loasr And Stay For A Night .

8th Day : Kaza/Losar to Chandratal

Tank up at Kaza If Your Are Staying In Kaza as the next fuel station is at Manali Or If You Are At Losar Then Head towards Chandratal from there, take the ascent towards Kunzum Pass. As you start on your descent from the top towards Batal, there is a small road that goes towards Chandratal. This is the one you will need to turn on from where the lake is about 10 kilometers. It is a very narrow dirt trail so caution is advised while driving on it.

Kaza Tourism - Plan Kaza Trip with Kaza Travel Guide

It will take about 5-6 hours to reach the lake from Kaza. Road conditions will be bad throughout. Chandratal has several campsites where the price will range between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 per person including meals.

9th Day : Chandratal to Manali

From Chandratal, drive back towards Kunzum pass and head to Batal. After Batal, you will come across the worst stretch of road you have seen in your life. The distance is short however it will take you good 5-6 hours just to cross this small patch. From Gramphoo, take the turn towards Rohtang Pass and then descent into Manali.

Chandratal Lake, Spiti Valley - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
Chandratal Lake

Road conditions are worst until Gramphoo and after that it will be a mix of good and bad until Manali.

Total of 7-8 hours of journey for the day. Manali has several hotels and you will easily find one within any budget.

10th day – Manali to Delhi

Nothing but a long 12-14 hours of long monotonous journey back home.

This will sum up your 10 days journey to Spiti valley, the land mystic. No matter how many time you return here now, your first time will always be your most memorable. Drive back home with memories to cherish and tales to tell.

Petrol Pumps After Shimla to Spiti Valley

Petrol Pump Kaza, Lahul & Spiti, himachal pradesh, India ...

Please note these petrol pumps that come on the route from Shimla to Spiti Valley and up to Manali. You do not need to worry about fuel or petrol from Delhi to Shimla or Manali to Delhi, but once you enter Kinnaur and further to Spiti Valley, make sure you have enough fuel or petrol stocked up to complete the trip.

  • Theog
  • Narkanda Do Top Up Here
  • Rampur After crossing the town, the last one on the right side is pretty reliable
  • Jeori
  • Tapri – Do Not Miss
  • Rekong Peo
  • Kaza – Do Not Miss


  • If you are driving to Spiti Valley, please note, and I cannot stress on this point enough, take a rugged vehicle with a good ground clearance. I’ve seen cars like Innova get stuck on the road patch between Kaza to Manali (By far the worst road conditions that I have seen).
  • A hatchback should not even be considered for driving on those roads. There are some people who take the risk. But I’m just going to put the point here for your own personal safety. The chances of the hatchback skidding, sliding, getting damaged by falling stones etc. are way too high.
  • Whether you are driving a car or a bike, make sure you are a GOOD driver who can handle a vehicle on treacherous roads, blind turns, narrow ways amidst falling stones. Presence of mind is important.
  • Under any or all situations, while driving on the roads, try and leave from your location as early in the morning as possible, so that you can complete the drive during day light, and the chances of getting clear roads is much higher.
  • Now that I have spoken enough about driving on the roads, let me mention some ground realities. The roads are bad, yes. But they aren’t impossible either.

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  • A lot of vehicles ply on them. There are chances of landslides, but there’s also an active road clearance team stationed to frequently clear the roads for travellers.
  • Don’t ever start driving mid day or late in the evening.
  • Please seriously consider your health before you travel to Spiti Valley. The altitude is high and so, people are prone to High Altitude sickness and breathlessness.
  • Once you are at the high altitude, do not skip any meal and drink atleast 2L of water/day to stay fit. If you don’t follow, you will feel fatigued and tired way more than usual.
  • Even I experienced breathlessness at a lot of points, especially while running and climbing (which I keep doing very often), but eating full portion of meals helped a lot.
  • There is a government run hospital at Kaza which you can visit if you feel sick.
  • The last point from where you can get petrol during the circuit is at Kaza. Make sure you get a full tank on the way back till Manali
  • The roads are really rugged and poor, so your vehicle will require frequent checks. So make sure you know the basics of vehicle mechanics. Also, in case you meet with an accident, this point helps.
  • Talking of maintenance, your vehicle will require conditioning before and after the trip, this point can be avoided if you take a rental vehicle.
  • Always wear gum boots while driving a bike for preventing your shoes from getting wet in water ways and wet mud.
Manali To Spiti Valley Bike Trip 2020

For this kind of a trip, you need to consider time, distance, fuel cost, rent of vehicle, Cost of Food, Cost of Stay per day etc. If you are driving a vehicle and are a group of friends, the cost is obviously distributed between the number of people going together.

  • Distance – Approximately 1650 Km (from Delhi to Delhi)
  • Duration – 10 days
  • Fuel cost for Bike – Rs.4000-Rs.5000 (Price For 35km/l On Average)
  • Hotel/homestay for 10 days – Rs.5000-Rs.6000 (cost approximation is for 1 person, can be spit between 2 also)
  • Cost of food – Rs.4000 – Rs.5000 (Cost approximate for 1 person)
  • Estimated budget for 10 day Spiti Valley trip – 12,000 – 15,000 INR

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For more Information or any Query feel free to contact us .

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