What Is 1 Day Trip In 1K ?

Its a 1 Day Trip Which Will Start In The Morning At 6AM And Will End In Night At 10PM-11PM (Approx) And It Only Cost You Rs.1000. It Is Affordable And Less Time Consuming At Same Time.

Also We Solved 4 Problems Here :

  • Not Getting Permission From Home For Long Trips.
  • Not Enough Money/Savings For Travel.
  • Not Enough Time/Days In Tand To Travel.
  • Not Having A Travel Group Of Friends Or Friends Who Don’t Travel That Much


Delhi Trip

Want to join US On 1 Day Trip In 1K ?

Step 1 - Select Any One Day Trip And Book With Us On Particularly Given Date.

Step 2 - We Will Call You
Send You A Confirmation Mail Within 24hr .

-Its Just That Easy & We Will Take Care Of Everything..

Its a 1 Day Trip Which Will Start In The Morning At 6AM And Will End In Night At 10PM-11PM (Approx) And It Only Cost You Rs.1000 TO 1500 (In Some Case). It Is Affordable And Less Time Consuming At Same Time.

The budget of this trip depends on the location. It can be around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500. We divide the expenses per head at each step, and together as a group try to minimize the total expenses. It is a budget trip. We travel in local buses, and explore the local street food.

The trip is open to all. If you have a job and think you do not have much days for travel, or you are a student and do not have a fancy travel budget, this trip is for you, and for everyone who likes to travel but is not able to.

1 Day Trip is organized Very Frequently. Click the button below to Explore and  register for the next trip. And On The Left Side All The Steps Are Given For Information.

Most Probably Trip Will Be Definately Organise On Saturday.

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